This exercise is called ‘Ban It and Deal with it!‘ created by Siân Prime, Director, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Goldsmiths College, London. Basically, you ban something that really annoys you and then you have to propose a substitute for that ban. The banning part was easy as there are lots of things out there that gets my goat from the obvious such as plastic, packaging, time-wasting meeting, queuing to the more recent innovations of google glasses or just simple irritants such as email!

Finding a suitable and direct substitute is tricky. I wanted to take a user approach where I was the user so it would be easy and accessible. I wanted to concentrate on a product and decided on something very straightforward until you start looking into the science part that is.

Banning Deodorant

I was going to ban ‘Deodorant’ and deal with it by substituting my own solution of making homemade deodorant cream. Simple ban with a simple substitute.

The exercise proved to be a hot topic point of conversation with friends and family, many unaware of amount of dangerous chemicals in deodorants. Some not caring, others concerned and interested in alternative products. The challenge involved the assistance of my sister, the scientist…and so the experiment began.

I was thrown into the world of science, media, marketing, manufacturing. And the steady and critical alternatives viewpoint.

Ban It! Presentation

I was thrown into the world of science, media, marketing, manufacturing. Overall it was a steep learning curve. Lots of research, information and many opposing voices. Politics, big business and growing alternatives viewpoints. Lessons learned: Ask QUESTIONS. Be CURIOUS.