According to Webster’s Second International Unabridged Dictionary, an asset is “any item of value.” I conducted an asset mapping exercise, identifying the tangible and intangible asset around me. The map is designed to communicate my needs at a glance. It is also an opportunity to identify problems and opportunities. Asset mapping is a type of probe that allows me to stock take the rich and valuable network inventory that surrounds me. I took a methodological approach to Asset Mapping, involving both desk research and  field research including conversations with key individuals in the community. After two weeks of mapping, I visualized this information in a short video. This probe allowed me to look through the lens of where I am positioned within the community and visa versa.

At its most basic level, the asset mapping process will provide leaders with an inventory of key resources that can be utilised in a development effort.

Background work: asset mapping images

Background work excel file: AssetMappingfile