Design, Meanings, and Radical Innovation: A metamodel and a Research Agenda

The Journal of Product Innovation Management 2008: 25;436-456 Roberto Verganti

Design Driven Innovation does not start from user insights. DD Innovation is pushed by a firms vision about possible breakthrough meanings and product languages that could emerge in the future.

Investigation and experimentation on meaning and language = Design Discourse.

The team exploit their network position to move language (meaning & value) across industries and socio cultural worlds.

User Centered Design = FIRM – USER

Design Driven Innovation = INTERPRETER – FIRM – USER

The key capability in user-centered design is to get as close as possible to the users, to elicit their needs, and to be creative in finding solutions, the key capability in design-driven innovation is to access and to share knowledge with the design discourse and, more precisely, to identify the key interpreters, to attract them and develop with them a privileged relationship, to share and recombine knowledge to build unique proposals, and to rely on the design discourse to communicate with users.

The presence of INTERPRETERS is key to DD Innovation. They include alliances, trust and cognitive distance. Co-design and supplier involvement.