Get your flow on!

Creativity has always intrigued me. For me, creativity is a natural process, a liberation of sorts, where colour, imagination and the unknown go. The question of when was I last in ‘flow’ was put to me recently the certainty of my answers was both surprising and thought provoking.

‘Flow’ is described as a higher state of consciousness and I knew exactly when I was last in this state. I was oil painting the ‘Laughing Budda’ and ‘in flow’ was the physical act and the process of painting oil on canvas, impasto, choosing colours, mixing, experimenting, making mistakes, finding the new and reaching a state of completion. The physical environment of the garden studio, my inspirational art teacher and the cups of tea when pondering what next, all contributed to my flow. It was definitively a collaborative, learning and fun experience.

Laughing Budda

When were you last in flow?

Where were you?

Describe in detail what you where doing

What was the environment like?

How did you feel physically?

How did you feel mentally?

What time of the day/night was it?

Were you with anyone?

Jazz musician, Tom described being in flow during an improv session, as

something should happen and it does

Creative flow is part process and part unknown. This reminded me of how graphic designer Chip Kidd described his artistic process;

I had no idea what I was doing, I had no idea where I was going, but at some point I stopped — when to keep going would seem like I was going too far

I am curious about flow, if we can recreate a state of flow, or transfer it to others areas of life? Why was I so sure of when I was last ‘in flow’?  Why am I not ‘in flow’ more often and why am I so certain of this feeling of what is?

To be explored….